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Batteries - A.K. Battery

  • Exide Tubular Inverter Batteries

    The Exide INVARED+ Range of tubular inverter batteries are designed with thicker positive plates and 20% more electrolyte to withstand power outage. This red tubular battery comes with a warranty of 36 months and requires very low maintenance. FEATURES OF EXIDE INVARED * More than 20% extra electrolyte which means lesser topping up frequency and better thermal management * Tubular technology * Minimum maintenance * Electrolyte level indicator * Suited for frequent and long power outages * Deep cycle design (800 plus cycles at 80% D.O.D.) Abuse resistant * Faster recharge *Operating sp.gr. 1.250± 0.005 at 27°C Type Capacity At C20 Dimensions L x W x H ± 3mm Weight ± 5% IR300+ 80 Ah 410 x 176 x 290 29.7 IR350+ 100 Ah 535 x 222 x 290 43 IR450+ 135 Ah 535 x 222 x 290 47.5 IR500+ 150 Ah 535 x 222 x 290 50.1

  • Exide Matrix 4 Wheeler Batteries

    Maintenance-free batteries with advanced Ca - Ca system Long wet shelf life - no freshening charge required for up to 6 months from date of manufacture Special paste formulation for positive and negative plates - higher life expectancy with superior charge acceptance in service Double-clad polyethylene and glass mat separation - high reliability and longer life Special Omega type cover design fitted with Venturi type chamber cover - excellent spill-resistant characteristics Attractive cosmetics