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Salter Hanging Mechanical Scale

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The Hanging scales offer two sizes of dials - 152 mm. and 228 mm. Their capacities range from 5 kgs. To be more precise, hanging scales with 152 mm. are dial are available in five capacities, viz. 5 kgs., 10 kgs., 20 kgs., 50 kgs., and 100 kgs. While hanging scales with 228 mm. dial are also available in five capacities, viz. 50 kgs., 100 kgs., 150 kgs., 200 kgs. and 300 kgs.These dials can be supplied either in Brass with a lacquered finish or in Black & White, printed to suit customer's taste and preferences. The standard fitting used is a hook, but special fittings such as pan, plate etc. can be provided, suited to individuals requirements. Both type hanging scales are also available with special acrylic glass cover on demand.