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WeighBird Pedestal Weighing Scales

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The Pedestal Scales ideally suit the grocers, the vendors, the hawkers, the butchers who can use them to weigh goods such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, mutton etc. This machine can also be used by the postal and courier department to weigh the articles to be delivered. This machine will provide them with accuracy in measurement. Even it can be used as a baby weighing machine only to change the weighing platform DIAL SIZE CAPACITY ACCURACY 177 mm. 10 kgs. 50 gms 177 mm. 5 kgs. 20 gms 177 mm. 2 kgs 10 gms 177 mm. 1 kgs 5 gms 228 mm. 100 kgs 500 gms 228 mm. 50 kgs 200 gms 228 mm. 20 kgs 100 gms